The water ebbs as the river flows,

Where is this leading, only heaven knows,

The rapids move faster, the chaos begins,

The water crashes, whirls, and spins,

The mist is soothing, watch as it gently subsides,

The rules of nature are not questioned, the river simply abides,

The storm erupts, pushing and pulling the waves to the shore,

Splashing its return, until it can take no more,

Tired of the fight, in the rocks, it will hide,

Until it is nothing but a tear, someone has cried,

The sun will dry it, and the wind will carry it away,

Catching in the clouds until the rain allows it to play,

The journey begins, the passion is new,

The course is the same, always direct and true,

Again the water ebbs and flows,

The ending though, is one the heart already knows.

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