Dedicated to Eli

You speak the words,

     My heart is longing to say,

You overcome the fears,

     That keep me hidden away,

Your strength inspires me,

     Giving rise to your voice,

Your decision gives me hope, 

     That I am not wrong in my choice,

Though my fears keep me mute,

     Your words have set me free,

Today I see a picture,

     Of what my tomorrow could be,

I applaud your choice,

     The strength you showed today,

Your words offered a key,

     To open what I have locked away,

Though I am not ready,

     For all the world to see,

I have a sense of calm knowing,

     It is okay to live inside of me,

I know the truth is coming,

     In time I too will find this voice,

I just wanted you to know,

     You inspired me with your choice.

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