You Decide

The stories draw our attention causing us to fear,

Every other person we meet believes our end is drawing near,

Voices are crying out for a cure, while others look to the money they will make,

Punishment is coming though, of that, make no mistake,

The wrongs being done are not tallied in a book,

The marks are only made for the actions each took,

Too many are watching, choosing not to see,

Biding their time with their money, exclaiming this won’t happy, this cannot be,

They watch the suffering, proclaiming there is nothing to be done, 

Their words would be different if they were talking of their son,

They would flood the gates demanding, no matter the price to be paid,

They refuse to see until at their feet the problem is laid,

Those below suffer, left to their own means,

They feel safe in their castles, their souls, money washes and cleans,

Money though, will not save you, of this, you can be sure,

The only salvation is a heart that is pure,

One that sees the wrongs and tries to make them right,

Though they face a losing battle, they never give up the fight,

Choosing instead to trust in what they can not see,

To believe there is a better place one day we will all be,

Each of us has our own lives to choose and to weave,

Each chooses the legend, that on this earth, they will leave,

No amount of money, power, or fame,

Will change your fate or who is to blame,

When the time comes to pay your dues,

Remember this path you were allowed to choose,

You will receive the same compassion you have given and shown,

The decision is yours, and yours alone.

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