Be The Change

Our world is slowly dying, it is falling apart,

The destruction seen daily, an arrow through my heart,

Too many say it’s fine, there is no need for change,

Others spout nonsense that merely sounds strange,

Many in power balk at the money it would take,

To repair the damage of a populations mistake,

They say the time has passed, there is nothing to be done,

The destruction was final before it had begun,

This is their answer to avoid doing their part,

They don’t care enough to even make a start,

Who will stand up for those who have the most to lose?

Who will say they believe in a change, that each has the right to choose?

Until the steps are taken, the destruction will proceed,

Cast off the thoughts of the powerful, who are only driven by greed,

The change will not happen by the actions of a few,

The people as an army must decide to see it through,

Our world as we know it does not have to be lost,

If we stand together looking passed the cost,

Working together to ensure the changes are made,

Before we are lost, the cost of inaction finally paid. 

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