The Narcissist

Another week goes by and still, it stays the same,

Exerting your chaos though you call it by order’s name,

The heated words that you thoughtlessly spew,

Fester and explode until they all hate you,

Isn’t it lonely up there looking down?

Huffing and puffing, strutting like a circus clown,

You bring grief with your presence, just by reciting your name,

You tout your perfection and put us to shame.

When others are near, you show nothing but joy,

When they are gone, it is back to us being your toy,

Your orders are shouted, your thoughts you aimlessly proclaim,

You are never at fault, only others are to blame.

The destruction has passed, you are tired of the display,

Our patience is fading fast, we may not endure another day,

You have been advised, we are tired of the pain,

We have nothing to lose and a world of peace to gain,

This can not be fixed with a simple “I will try,”

The borders have been crossed, we will soon be saying goodbye.

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