Finding the Silver Lining in the Chaos

The world stands still, everyone is scared to breathe,

Those in power lay blame, as the virus continues to seethe,

It is becoming hard to find a bright light to give hope,

Everyone clamors for release as they are trying to cope,

Silver linings are there, though they are hard to see,

The masses locked in their homes search for what they might be,

One comes in the light that we are all the same,

No matter the place, religion, or name,

Another is found in the time that we share,

Children so long without parents, finally know they are there,

Broken communities unite as they search for a cure,

Their motives the same, their intentions are pure,

Though the storm is still going, with no end in sight,

The sun is streaming through as the world unites in one fight,

Though history predicts the union will not stay,

The silver lining comes in the fact that for now, it is this way,

No matter the length of time that something is good,

A bit of the reason is carried on and is understood,

Giving hope to the masses of what a united future could be,

Keeping it this way depends on you and me.



Sending continued prayers for all of you. No matter who you are or where you live, I pray that you and your families are well and safe from this virus as well as the chaos that is becoming as dangerous and the virus itself. Hugs of comfort and strength for you all. 

Mary Jaimes-Serrano


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5 thoughts on “Finding the Silver Lining in the Chaos”

  1. Good day Mary, your words are filled with poignancy and wisdom. I stand with you in prayer that the unity continues. Your poem beautiful in its truth.

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