Can You Hear Me

Hello out there, whoever you are,

Greeting to all, as all are so far,

Again I say hello, and hope it reaches you,

The isolation is causing static, I hope I’m getting through.


Can You Hear Me?


The days are ticking by, the boredom starts to set in,

Existence becomes a shadow of a life lived within,

Our sanctuaries become prisons, our bodies they confine,

Our home are now our jailers, as our spirits start to decline.


Can You Hear Me?


The television offers no solace, the news is sad and bleak,

Reading again becomes a pleasure, as an escape is what we seek,

Losing ourselves in fantasy, even just an hour a day,

The distraction serves well to keep the insanity at bay.


Can You Hear Me?


Communications become stilted, coming through a screen,

Voices are heard and weary faces are seen,

Hugs become virtual, a televised, live stream,

As we express our compassion, our minds start to scream.


Can You Hear Me?


Though the masses are gone, locked away behind doors,

The heart begs for connection, for release it implores,

Because I cannot see you, as you are locked away,

I am sending you hugs as I continue to pray.


Can You Hear Me?


May these words bring you comfort, a treasured escape, 

Let visions of spring flowers, this isolated existence reshape,

Envision spring showers and dancing in the rain,

Let go of your cares, and let the raindrops take the pain.


Can You Hear Me?


Know where ever you are, you are not alone,

Grasp the words of others, let your imagination begin to hone,

Take a mental break, let the adventures start to spin,

I am sending you sunshine, let the journey begin.

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