A World Adrift

Time is spinning, yet I am standing still,

The world keeps on going, others have time to kill,

I watch from my window as the chaos ensues,

I hear the cries for action as the powerful sing their blues,

The world around them crumbles, yet not an effort do they make,

The world screams louder, still no action do they take,

They safely watch from the towers they have built,

They dine on our bones, and with wine they wash away the guilt,

Passions are exploding, the masses no longer giving in,

I have watch it from this window, I watched it slowly begin,

The free are not free, constrained by another’s will,

The powerful are not powerful, their greed rising still,

The tables are turning, the weak are becoming strong,

Taking back their decisions, they begin to right the wrong,

Towers are falling, shelters the powerful now seek,

The shelters are all gone now, as the world belongs to the meek.

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