Stand With Me

Take my hand and walk with me,

I cannot promise you’ll like what you see,

The path is speckled with the shards and stones,

Of my broken heart that no one owns,

The pieces are scattered, debris in the way, 

Fallen in place from the many games that others play,

Though I am broken, my heart remains true, 

Offering a chance to those who can get through,

The journey is arduous, the cobbles crumble and shake,

My heart is waiting for the calling that from its slumber will awake,

Only one who is worthy will watch the petals unfold,

Only traversing the gauntlet will you, my heart behold,

That scars are many and at times it still bleeds,

My heart searches for a companion, for compassion it pleads,

Tread light, with intentions that are true,

Stand with me through the hardship and it could belong to you. 

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