The Turning

I wish you understood how you hurt me with the words that you say,

If only you could see the destruction you cause with the games that you play,

You tear me down, just as I was starting to rise,

The tears that I shed shouldn’t come as a surprise,

You use your words like a sword, cutting through my smiling facade,

You laugh at my tears as my failures you applaud,

Be warned though as you snuggle warmly in your bed,

My strength is growing as I brush off each tear that I’ve shed,

You can not control me, I am taking back the reigns,

My life will no longer be defined by your pleasure in my pains,

You thought me broken by the insults you carelessly threw,

I am warning you now, I am stronger than you,

All the words and insults you have thrown my way,

I have collected in my heart and stored them for another day,

They have multiplied over the years,

They have been powdered and mixed with my tears, 

They were turned into bricks and built into a wall, 

My strength comes from ripping them down, and watching them fall,

So, throw your insults, my ears hear what you say,

But my heart no longer hurts as I am walking away. 

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