You Inspire Me

You touch my soul with but a word,

Your whispers are inspiring the voices, until now unheard,

My mind is awakening, the words have started to flow,

The walls are crumbling, my true self is starting to show,


I Need You!


Your thoughts provoke me, causing a new point of view,

The old beliefs are questioned as I begin to see what is true,

My faith in myself is building each day,

As the self-doubt crumbles and starts fading away,


I Want You!


Your smile invites me to express what’s on my mind,

Through this dialogue, I am starting to find, 

The strength within myself, that which is setting me free,

My capabilities I am finally, starting to see.


I Love You!


Though the walls are still crumbling, one day they’ll be gone,

The day is coming, the realization is starting to dawn,

This revelation is coming, and with it comes a sense of glee,

At the understanding that the person who is inspiring me, Is Me. 


I Am You!

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