Pandemic Woes

Children are crying as boredom sets in,

The chaos and sorrow continues to spin,

Still so many are trying to find somewhere to place blame,

No matter where it came from, the results are still the same,

People are dying at an increasing rate,

Governments are reacting in a matter often too late,

The time for action is not later, it is right now,

We need results to this pandemic, and we don’t care how,

We are prisoners in our homes, diligently doing our part,

Waiting for our leaders to stand up, some kind of action to start,

They clamor and halt, reluctant of the cost,

So, how much are they worth, all these lives that have been lost?

The ramifications for the world are currently unclear,

So many are waiting, longing for words of hope to hear,

The answers are not coming as politics are at play,

Everyone is tuned in to hear what those in power have to say,

Voices of reason are dismissed with and shrug and a proverbial shake of the head,

How many more must suffer, what is the required number of dead,

To bring a call for all to comply?

How many more innocents must die?

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