Too Many Voices Lead to False Hope

Good morning all. I hope you are all well and healthy. If you are like my family and myself, you are probably reeling from the plethora of information that is circulating about the Coronavirus. Our state has announced today a statewide shelter in place order. And while my family and I have been staying home as much as possible (only leaving for the essential grocery runs) I am surprised it has taken them this long to issue this order. I remain of the belief that there needs to be a national shelter in place order to contain and slow the wildfire spread of this virus. However, that is just my opinion. 

I am, however, growing more concerned daily by the numerous messages I receive that a cure has been found or that this virus is just a hoax. I am sure you have all seen the numerous videos circulating the world. While some of these are based on some semblance of reality, the facts are skewed to benefit the desires of those making the videos.

For example, there is a popular post that says that the Coronavirus was patented here in the United States as far back as 2008. Then this person goes on to give the patent number and to say that another company has the patent for the vaccine. While these patents do exist, a little research shows that the patent in question is for the SARS strand of the Coronavirus. (The maker of this particular video even mentions this by name).

I understand the desire to believe that this pandemic is not really happening or that the cure is out there for the right price. However, these stories do nothing but make matters worse. It is important to research any information that you find. Make sure it comes from a reliable source and that they have done all of the leg work to know exactly what they are talking about. 

I, like everyone else, pray daily for a vaccine for this terrible illness. These are just my opinions on the matter. I just thought with all of the messages and reports I have received lately, this would be the best way to draw attention to the fact that not everything we read online is true. Please be careful with what you believe. Stay safe and healthy.

As always my friends, inspire to be inspired and never stop seeking the truth. Just be careful in where that truth comes from. 

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