The Cycle of Life

My hands are tired, they have worked too hard,

The magic is gone, no one is interested in the slide of a card,

My mind is racing, it is time for something new,

But when the magic is gone, what else is there to do?




My voice is quiet, the notes no longer crisp,

The melody is fading, coming out as only a wisp,

The sounds no longer inspire, no one wants to hear,

The changes are coming, the future is no longer clear.




My brain is muddled, the stories no longer flow,

No matter the words I spin, the worlds no longer show,

New thoughts are invading with no poetic rhyme,

New tricks I am learning, to occupy my time.




My fingers are no longer nimble, the keys only clatter and clink,

The rhythm unbecoming, as my spirit begins to sink,

I am not broken though, it is again time for something new,

Many changes have shown me, there is still so much more I can do.

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7 thoughts on “The Cycle of Life”

      1. All is well here, hope you and your family are continuing to keep safe.
        Your poetry is definitely helping. Nice work. You are talented.

        1. Thank you. Your kind words always touch my heart. I am glad that my words are helping someone. Everyone here is well, thank you. Thankfully, boredom only comes in spurts. My children are doing an amazing job at finding things to do and stay busy. And without fighting, which is a miracle in and of it self.

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