The Believer

What sick pleasures you get from being in control,

You seek power and joy by selling your soul,

The harder we fight to be on level ground,

The equilibrium of peace is a luxury not found,

Why must you cause pain to extract your joy?

You send out your orders as if our lives were mere toys,

You think me broken, at a loss without you,

I do not lie broken though, for I belong to the one that is true,

Only one being has true power over me,

His love is eternal, though his body, I can not see,

His words echo and humble my heart,

He shelters and protects me, even when we are apart,

He loves all of me, including my faults and my flaws,

He has freed me numerous times from your maniacal claws,

While you may cause me superficial pain,

I have no fear, for everything in my life he will explain,

I lay my burdens down at his feet,

For his is the only protection your evil cannot beat,

So, keep your control, your greed, and your sin,

My life has already been saved, with me, your evil can not win.

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