Finding Hope

The sun is shining, though the world seems dark,

So many losses, the future seems stark,

Hope is needed, though for many hope is spreading thin,

Everyone needs to do their part to allow the healing to begin,

The tragedy is all around us, this is easy to see,

The positive is harder to find, all are asking, what can it be?

The earth is healing, the air has become a bit more pure,

No one takes notice though, their minds are full, looking for a cure,

Families are connecting in long-forgotten ways,

Parents are enjoying the moments, while their precious child plays,

The world has come grinding to a halt,

Many aren’t seeing the beauty, they are too busy looking for a place to lay fault,

The truth is horrific, the losses are insane,

We need to find the hope to overcome the pain.


I hope all of you are well and staying safe. We are enjoying the challenge of online classes for four children. This is a fun time as I get to enjoy watching my children learn in their own way. Each has a different style and a unique understanding of the world and how it works and it is amazing to see how different they are. 

Enjoy the moments you have with children, family, loved ones, and friends. No matter how you are spending your quarantine days, enjoy it to the fullest. Though it may not be the ideal situation, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to slow down and enjoy the little things in life.

Inspire to be inspired and never stop looking for the hope in the chaos. 

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