Praying for Hope

Fill my heart with your calming voice,

Your words of hope ensure my choice,

The truth behind everything you say,

Inspires my belief to stay this way,

I look to you when all seems lost,

You have always seen me through, no matter the cost,

I seek your guidance when all is well,

When asked why, this story I always tell,

You have been with me through both good and bad,

You have comforted me when I was sad,

Your love has always been there, no matter what I have done,

You gave me strength when I lost my son,

For this reason, today it is you whom I implore,

I plead for your children, we can take no more,

The sadness engulfs us, as our world spins out of control,

I ask you please, your children’s hearts to console,

Fill us with hope, that we may survive this fight,

Calm our souls with your magnificent light,

Shelter us now from this plight so grave,

I put my life in your hands, for I know only you, this world can save,

Lend strength to the weak and support to the strong,

Humble our hearts as we have struggled too long,

I ask you this, for you are our only hope,

Only with your guidance, will we be able to cope,

Settle in our homes, give peace to our hearts,

That we may know it is your will when the healing starts.

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