Thank You for the Hope

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels



I applaud you for your selfless care,

So many are comforted, simply knowing you’re there,

Your heart is worn on your sleeve,

You stay by their side until they are ready to leave.




I thank you for all that you do,

You fight for the lives of both old and new,

You don’t see the impossibilities, only hope for a cure,

You prolong the lives of those who otherwise would not endure.


Store Personnel


I admire your tireless efforts to restock the supplies,

You suffer endlessly the hatred and senseless cries,

Of the hundreds who daily grace your door,

Who blame you for these shortages, and want to even the score.


Truck Drivers


I appreciate you for all that you do,

For traversing the perils to get the supplies through,

Your endless days keep all of us fed,

While we are sheltered at home safely tucked in our bed.


Thank You


To all of these heroes who give our world hope,

I thank you for helping the world to cope,

For doing your best to see that other’s needs are filled,

You are daily in my prayers, thank you for being our hope’s shield.

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