Casting Off the Shadows

My heart is searching for that elusive light,

The one that lifts the spirit, allowing it to take flight,

The shadows of depression for too long have dwelled here,

My heart is longing for the rainbow that signals the all clear,

Clinging to the hope that the light I will once more see,

The assurance that happiness is still possible for me,

With each new day, hope becomes harder to find,

The darkness engulfs, rays of inspiration the shadows still bind,

I’m reaching for the colors that will set my spirit free,

Plucking the chords that echo deep inside of me,

The music is soothing, my senses begin to soar,

The energy pulses, revitalizing me to my core,

The light, I can see, in the shadows, I no longer need to hide,

My rainbow’s treasures I have found, they were hidden inside,

The grip of depression still has a hold,

But my heart is ready for a different story to be told,

Here’s to adventures that inspire and worlds that are new,

To finding my potential, and discovering the amazing things I can do. 

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