You Define Your Success

Photo by Prateek Katyal from Pexels

Draw the line and let it stand,

Don’t let them lead, they can follow or hold your hand,

You call the shots for it is your life,

Don’t allow anyone to put you through unnecessary strife,

Your dreams should be your guide, they will see you through,

Listen to your heart and let your visions be true,

Look not to achievements as a sign of your success,

Turn to passion instead, and your happiness you won’t have to guess,

You will know by the pride and fulfillment in your heart,

The happiness garnished will be the best part,

For when you find yourself and let your desires unfold,

The results are better by far than simply doing what you’re told,

Be true to yourself and true in the things you do,

Because the person who defines your happiness and success is ultimately you.

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