Mother Nature

Photo by Mike from Pexels

The flowers are blooming, the colors are starting to change,

Seeing the outside from this seclusion feels wrong, even strange,

Spring is upon us, the season is in full bloom,

From this vantage point, though, winter feelings still loom,

The world is praying for this chaos to end,

Their rights of freedom they tirelessly defend,

Like the flowers though, life continues to move on,

We just need to take a moment to treasure a new dawn,

Set the fear aside, if only for this time,

Let the beauty of the moment reach you in rhyme,

Though the world is in chaos, nature is starting anew,

Showing the effects of the damage we do,

The air is a bit cleaner, the earth has had a reprieve,

A drastic reminder of the footprints we leave,

Though we have harmed her in so many ways,

The continual beauty of nature is a constant that stays,

When the chaos is over, one thing will ring true,

Nature will still offer her beauty, she will still be there for you.

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