Beauty’s Potential

Photo by Edu Carvalho from Pexels

The last petal falls on a dreary day,

The mind rejects the loss, longing for it to stay,

Though the beauty is fading, it leads to something new,

Like the flowers that are shedding petals, natural beauty is always true,

The surface changes and with time starts to fade,

Consequences of the environmental decisions that have been made,

While the beauty of today is blurring or gone,

Life offers new treasures with each new coming dawn,

Turning your back on the future because it is not the same,

Means missing out on new treasures, all in vanity’s name,

Learning to love the new, gives an amazing treasure to behold,

As life continues, new beauty begins to unfold,

Like the flowers whose petals fall and begin to fade away,

Your inner beauty continues, flowering with new treasures each day.

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