Dear Puppeteers,

Photo by Min Thein on Pexels

This is the time, they said, time to let us go,

We are tired, they cried, relief is coming so slow,

The masses are revolting, tired of being shut in,

They don’t realize these acts will make it start again,

How can they though, when the powers that be, claim all is okay?

How can they know anything, when those in power lie this way?

Instead, they spout solutions that are sure to do more harm,

Pressured by the big businesses twisting and pulling their arm,

They are but puppets, controlled by their master’s strings,

The puppeteer is mocking them, spewing such crazy things,

When will it be about the people and the lives that are being lost?

When will they see past the monumental cost?

Until such time as this becomes the case,

We will all be stuck here, continuously required to shelter in place. 

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