What is Love

Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

Love is warm,

Love is kind,

Love is honest,

Love is blind.


What is love, why do we long for it so?

This emotion is more than any one person can know.

Some will see it as just a ruse.

As if your heart could really pick and choose.

Love is not sacrificing and giving up you.

It is not something decided out of the blue.

Love is the innocence of watching your child play.

Love is the melting of your heart listening to the problems of a lover’s day.

Love is honest, even to a fault.

True love is never a verbal assault.

It is tender, with a gentle touch.

Not violent with fists that take too much.

It may be painful in the most delicious ways.

Not hurting from the games that the other one plays.

Love is for mothers, children, couples, and more.

Open your heart to see what destiny has in store.

Don’t shy away because one person was blind.

For love conquers all, when true love is what you find. 

Know there is love out there waiting for you.

Just keep looking for that love that is true.

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