Harnessing the Best You

Tell me your story,

but let it be true.

I want to know the dreams,

that beat inside of you.


Lend me your wisdom,

that I might learn from the best.

I promise to study hard,

just put me to the test.


Show me your weakness,

don’t hide it away in shame.

So when I feel overwhelmed,

I’ll know that only human nature is to blame.


For through your story,

I will find the path to me.

I will see the dreams I’ve dreamt,

and who I am meant to be.


Through your wisdom,

I will find where there’s room to grow.

I will see new pathways,

that lead to things I didn’t know. 


Though your weakness,

I will see the strength within.

To overcome the fears I have,

to let my true self begin.

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