Cautious Belief

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

The world is spinning out of control.

The masses are longing for isolated hearts to console.

The brain screams for shelter, while the body desires to be let go.

When this quarantine will end, only God can truly know.

Misinformation abounds from sources galore.

Giving people false hope of release, work, and so much more.

Citizens are tired of seclusion’s tight hold.

Causing them to be reckless, venturing out before they are told.

The truth is no one has the answers to when this will end.

Those in power just like to pretend.

They spew forth answers without having a clue.

Because ratings are what matter, it’s not about me and you.

Those who give them their strength are demanding relief.

So, the powerful comply, ignoring the pending grief.

Though this seclusion is daunting and troubles the mind.

It is better this way, allowing time for a real solution to find.

For if we act prematurely, for the sake of not being shut-in.

We are sure to face renewed devastation when this pandemic begins again.

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