The Day of Reckoning

Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels

Religion is far too often used as a sword.

Administered as hate to the sinners who are to be abhorred.

I’m a believer, a Catholic by choice.

This does not give me the right to do harm with my voice.

My faith is not perfect, I have faltered you see. 

It has taken a while for this belief to be so strong inside of me.

Because we are made in His likeness does not mean we are pure.

It means only that through our mistakes His love for us will endure.

He loves us as Christians, but his love remains when we’re sinners too.

If not, do you honestly believe he would really love you?

For who amongst us can say they are truly without sin?

These false prophets spilling hatred time and again?

No, not even the most devout can say their way to heaven is paved.

For when you do not love your neighbor, have you truly been saved?

To recite the words of our Savior, does not mean they come from you.

You must practice what you preach in all that you do.

This means loving your neighbor and letting our Savior be the judge.

Not becoming the judge yourself and condemning those who refuse to budge.

The All-Mighty has given us freedom in the form of free will.

He wants us to choose him, and when we falter, he loves us still.

So, how can you claim to be better than those you condemn?

When you too are a sinner who covers it with an amen.

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