Cracked, But Not Broken

Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels

I’m drowning, won’t you take my hand?

Don’t push me away because you don’t understand.

I am not broken, just slightly askew.

I wear my scars proudly, I can explain them to you.

Why won’t you listen, are you afraid things will change?

My story isn’t unique, actually today it hardly seems strange. 

So many have the same scars, they are hidden under their skin.

They shelter it away as though these scars were their sin.

Society encourages them to lift their voice and say “me too.”

So, they can call you names and their sickening utterances spew.

When the leaders are guilty, it is time to look the other way.

Why would it be different for you or me, they don’t care what we say.

Don’t give up though, No! Shout the words for all to hear.

Let them see your strength as your abusers quiver in fear. 

Tell the world that it is not our fault.

Scream it loud. We Did Not Ask For This Sexual Assault!

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