The Treasures Within

What have I done to invite and inspire?

You want to possess me, but what is it that you admire?

Is it only the flesh or does the mind also entice?

What has you calling for more, have I simply become your vice?

Do you hear my words or are you deaf to the tone,

Of my voice’s subtle whispers, longing only for my body to own?

Does my body speak louder than my voice?

Is pleasure the only factor driving your choice?

I want to be clear, my words are longing to be heard.

To choose for the sensual alone is absolutely absurd.

Look beneath the physical that your eyes can see.

Find the exotic that is hidden inside of me.

When you unwrap this gift and see all that my mind can inspire,

Your pleasure could surpass even your wildest desire.

But you continue seeing only with your lust.

Missing out on the seduction revealed only through trust.

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