Love’s Seduction

Photo by from Pexels

Your hands reach to my heart

You are demanding more


Your fingers lace through my lungs

Taking my breath and binding my core


The words you whisper

Are fire in my veins


Seduction’s malice

Bringing pleasure with its pains


My body is defenseless

Against this tepid embrace


Your melancholy does so easily

my vibrancy replace


Deeper you delve

Into my frigid soul


Myself no longer

My essence you now control


Though I’m drowning

My lungs welcome you in


My beating heart

Giving over to your inviting sin


Your teeth sink swiftly

My skin so easy to break


The venom injected

Ah but that was your mistake


Though you are the creator

And I but the child


Seduction’s fury now courses in me

And it’s driving me wild


The master has fallen

Downed like a tree


Resistance is futile

When the one in control becomes me.

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3 thoughts on “Love’s Seduction”

    1. I would not shoot you down. I could see this in multiples as well. I just liked it this way. I will keep that in mind though when I design and format my poetry book. As always, thank you for your amazing and kind words and fabulous feedback. Have a marvelous day and never fear repercussions for your honest opinion. I value you it more than I can articulate.

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