Happy Belated Mother’s Day

Good morning all. Let me start by saying sorry for my absence on Saturday. For those of you in the U.S. and Mexico, you already know that yesterday was Mother’s Day for us, therefore I took the weekend to spend with my beautiful children. I hate to admit, I do not know the traditions around the world, so there may well be more places that celebrated Moms yesterday. Whether you celebrated as a holiday yesterday or not, everyday is a fabulous day to express gratitude for those amazing women we call mom. So, to all of you, Happy Mother’s Day. This goes for the dads out there that are filling both roles. We appreciate you all. 

Now that my mini vacation is over, I will get back to writing. Have a fabulous week. 

As always, inspire to be inspired because you are influencing the thinkers of tomorrow. 





I thought I would share a few of the fabulous treasures my children gifted me with. My 14-year-old made me a card in the likeness of the mask from the Phantom of the Opera and my eldest son gifted me a coloring book of Romeo and Juliet complete with the famous lines on each page. I must say, my children know me very well and they themselves are the best gift of all.

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