To The Silent Abuser **Trigger Warning** Strong Content

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I hide in myself

     Do you notice or even care

Your words spill from a razored tongue


You call me stupid

   I apologize for being me

      You never apologize

          You don’t have to

Insults are my constant companion

I change  

Now everything about me feels fake

    I slip on my mask

Still…you jab at me with your barbed words

You’re too fat

   I starve myself

You’re too skinny why can’t you dress like they do

    My body is dying

You should look like them

   I try


She’s a natural beauty…you tell all your friends

   Why can’t you wear makeup like the rest…is my slap in the face

I hate you…is what I want to say

   Instead…I try

Your makeup is fake…you look old

     I loathe you

Your eyes have wrinkles…take better care of yourself

you embarrass me

My mind screams that you are my wrinkles…my plague

     My self-worth is gone

        Inside I hide

My mind is numb to your verbal mind rape,

    Death is coming

        My triumphant escape

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5 thoughts on “To The Silent Abuser **Trigger Warning** Strong Content”

      1. Sorry for the confusion. When any person is abused physically, emotionally, sexually or in anyway by another; it is not right. There are no conditions or situation that justify this behavior.

        1. I thought that was your meaning. But, I didn’t want to jump in without knowing. I completely agree with you and thank you for your support and for sharing your thoughts. I have seen and experienced many forms of abuse throughout my life and I hope my words will help others realize that they are not alone and they do not have to stay and be hurt. Have a fabulous day a stay safe.

          1. Thank you. In one of my former lives I was a psychotherapist. I experienced with many patients their PTSD. Most were anxious and feared to trust. I understood them because I also had this condition. Depending on the severity, it could take a lifetime to work through.

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