Book Review “Alcoholic Betty”


***Adult Content

Words cannot adequately express the impact of this book. Elisabeth Horan paints a vivid picture of the world of alcoholism. Take a front row seat into the mind and desires felt while waiting for that next drink.

“The ‘It’ Girl” speaks volumes as to the emotional background that brings about a future of desired pleasures. With lines like “I never got to be the ‘It’ girl the long legged, cut off Levi perky tit girl, the blonde bomb.” and “No. Not me. Gruesome zombie wannabe”

Delve into this no holds barred account of the life and mind of Alcoholic Betty and the struggle that it is to go from enjoying the mental drowning found inside a bottle to the reality of clawing ones way out. Horan allows the reader to feel the slippery slope of the bottles edge as it calls one back into its mind numbing refuge of oblivion and the constant struggle that is this life. 

This book is gripping and leaves you wanting to continue the journey and find out where Betty’s journey ends, or begins anew.

I really enjoy Horan’s style. She has a way of making simple words leap from the page and take a death grip hold onto your heart. This is not the first of her books I have read, nor is it close to being the last. 

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