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My mind is spinning, 

        whirling out of control

Your hateful words do so much damage, 

        my heart, not even the worthy console

You expect me to choose 

        between you and them

My anger is brewing, 

        it’s reaching the brim

I won’t let you harm them 

        the way you’ve done to me

Your loving demeanor, 

        I no longer see

Your words have

        torn the smiling mask from your face

Like the final bandage removed

        that was holding me in this place

Our days are numbered, 

        this is no longer a choice

An escape I must make 

        from your damaging voice

I’d hoped to find solace,

        a glimmer of what I thought we could be

Instead, I’ve found the truth 

        that you are wrong for me

I have grown too strong, 

        no longer willing to quiver in fear

You may not see it

         but to me, the picture is all too clear

Our love is a sickness

        of poisonous blame

Leaving only destruction,

         fault, and finally shame

I am towing the line, 

        waiting for my final cue

I’m packing my bags 

        and saying an ultimate adieu

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11 thoughts on “Adieu”

    1. Think I need to sit down after these last few days posts. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great writing. Very powerful emotions, powerfully expressed. You hit the buttons you aimed for!!

      1. Thank you so much. I did forewarn that my muse had taken a new path…haha. I am glad that you could feel the emotions. I hope you liked them. I have a few more that I am working on. Then hopefully I can find the inspiration to shift to a lighter feel. I think sometimes we just need to find the dark to appreciate the light on a different level.

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