Taking a Stand

Photo by Daria Obymaha from Pexels

Again your words strike cold in my heart

This time is different, though, there’s no tears or falling apart

My blood boils, the volcano is ready to erupt

My heart is already damaged, there is no more to corrupt

A few more lashings from the barbed tongue that slices through me

The lava is flowing, the beast has been set free

My senses are changing, allowing the anger to grow

You should have taken heed before the lava began to flow

I want to hurt you, grind your heart into sand

Devour your sorrows, and hold your criticisms in my hand

Let me feed the words to you, shoving them down your throat

I want to watch you choke on the emotions you devoured like a goat

You did not care you hurt me, laughing with that evil grin

I want to watch you suffer as you are drowning in your sin

But I am not like you, though my anger boils and explodes

My revenge is better served in watching as your world implodes

As I rise above you, keeping my head held up in pride

You will be drowning in every tear I have cried

As your world crumbles in the putrid mess you made

I will not shed a tear as my dues have already been paid

Cry for me as your world turns a jaded hue

I have had enough, and am walking away from you.

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9 thoughts on “Taking a Stand”

        1. I am happy to hear that. There is one more in this series and it is the most significant, for me at least. It left me with a positive outlook after I wrote it, but still had the same impact as these.

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