It’s Time to Take Flight

Photo by Tú Nguyễn via Pexels

So here’s to tomorrow, whatever it may bring

My wings take flight as my heart begins to sing

Sadness rains down on a broken heart

The pieces crumble as my world falls apart

Looking back, I see it was not my fault

That is no consolation or relief from this mental assault

My wings are spreading though, as my mind starts to clear

My comfort comes from the silence I hear

No verbal dismissals, no insults or blame

No more hiding in the dark consumed by my shame

The words that come now, are comforting and kind

The bandage I needed for my weary mind

The voices inspire to let my own words to take flight

They give me direction with promises of a beautiful sight

This barren heart of mine has been scorched by insult’s fire

But the flames are fading, allowing this new life to inspire

My heart is flowering with the calming rain

Rivers of happiness are washing away my pain

Though I have suffered much and still live with self-doubt

The future is blooming because I found my way out

I see now that I am worthy, that we all are in our own way

I want to share the message that you do not have to stay

You do not have to listen, accept, nor live like this

Open your wings and soar with me, away from your tormented abyss

I am stronger now that I’ve learn what I am worth

This realization has brought me to this miraculous rebirth

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