Looking for Normal

Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

The stage is set

     the world is ready to go

Far too many express

     what no one can really know

Many promises are made

     you can start opening this day

Have they really considered

     what prices we will all pay?

How will they protect us

     when we are all set free

When they haven’t protected

     and have no idea what the vaccine will be

Is money so important

     that it’s worth more than a life

What if that loss was

     your child

         your husband

             your wife

For so many out there

     this sentiment is true

We are not immune

     simply because it hasn’t happened to you

I understand the longing

     to return to the norm

To find peace with our 

     existence in this new altered form

All I am saying

     is there needs to be a balance we keep

To avoid all the chaos

     that causes the tears we now weep.

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