When Is It Time

Photo by Kristina-Tripkovic via Unsplash

I go to bed crying 

     because I find comfort in my tears

I speak so many words

      that no one really hears

I pray for strength, 

     even for you to listen to what I have to say

Because I am dying inside

     no longer wanting to live this way

Your affection only comes

      when you think you’ll get what you want

My desire for time and compassion

      are a verbal assault, an insult, an affront

You don’t want to listen

      I have tried all of this before

My pleas and conditions

      are something else for you to ignore

This is my final attempt

     to save what once was or maybe still could be

I will no longer beg

      for you to spend one moment with me

I am tired of crying

      for what could have or should have been

It is my time to fly

      this is my turn to win

I refuse to be less

      just because you want to be more

I no longer wish to try

      when there are new hearts to explore

There are others

      who will hear all that I have to say

I no longer want to hide myself

      or love you this way

My tears are my solace now

      they wash away the pain

Of what could have been

      leaving room for all I have to gain

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