Learning to Love Again

Photo by Orlando Allo from Pexels

Passions ignite

    Wildfires devouring

   My soul’s essence

Our lips meet

   Sweet nectar

  Intoxicating with desire

Your hands roam

    Sandpapered friction

   Brings me to life

Whispered caresses

     Liquid love

   Dripping to my core

Seeping through the locked gate

   Sating a long-forgotten thirst

Pleasures never dreamt

    Explode in the

   Cavern of lost hope

Mending the broken 

  With strands of flowing honey

Each stitch sealed

  Through the heat

  Of a lover’s kiss

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2 thoughts on “Learning to Love Again”

  1. But where should that love be found, within ones self? Within the arms of learned comfort from prolonged exposer and reliance on that which is taken for granted? Or from the source yet to be found, the true ache and yearn of the heart, the one part of our existance we claim to have control over but that which we control less than the air we breath.

    Is comfort and safety better than satisfaction of the heart, or is the needs of our most illogical part of being more powerful than the fear of change and loss.

    Answers one may never know, feelings one may never understand, rooted in a muscle made to keep us alive that makes us feel dead when it isn’t pleased.

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