Book Review “Money In Corona Times”


Finding a method of utilizing the Upwork platform to its fullest potential in an art form that has been mastered in this one small book. With its strategic steps to fast-track account approvals and easy to follow guide to converting proposals into contracts, “Money In Corona Times” is a true gift for any freelancer starting this rigorous journey. The skills taught are invaluable in finding success in gaining and maintaining relationships with clientele on this freelance driven platform. With language that is easily understood in an e-book that is conveniently accessible for quick reference, this book will save many both time and energy in building and excelling on the Upwork site. As a user of Upwork, who has been through the trials and errors of failed proposals and lost communications, I believe this book is a must-read for advancing Upwork skills and finding freelance writing success.

Kolawole Samuel Adebayo has taken into account the issues faces by his fellow freelancers and has answered the questions they are all asking. This book is written as a piece that will help them to achieve the success he has found on this platform. The author has given freelancers in these areas the tools they need to succeed. This book is very well written and though out with the potential reader in mind. 

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