Gone Too Soon

To all those who have lost a child, my heart cries with you. Whether your little one was a miscarriage, stillborn, young child, adult, or any age in between, you are not alone. I stand with you in your pain and share your grief. I love and miss my two angels everyday and I want you to know that you do not suffer alone. I understand your pain and if you ever need an outlet, I will gladly listen and send virtual hugs your way. 

Gone Too Soon

The day God took you 

    broke my heart

You were my angel

    right from the start

I remember counting

    ten fingers, ten toes

Now I silently suffer your loss

    so nobody knows

So they won’t see

    how I miss you still

The two years we shared

    no time can fill

I watched you smile

    your first step and first pain

Now the echos of ‘I love you mommy’

    are all that remain

My heart aches daily

    for the young man you should be

For the empty chair at the table

    where you sat next to me

Your loss was my greatest heartbreak

    that has no way to heal

Your memory a reminder

    of the way innocence should feel

Your siblings bring joy

    and happiness to my day

But nothing lessens the sorrow

    or keeps me from feeling this way

You were my treasure

    truly the best part of me

I hope you are proud 

    of the mother I’ve turned out to be

As you watch 

    from your vantage point high above

I hope you know who I am 

    is because I knew you love

My darling son I pray

    to one day see you smiling face

Until then dear know

    that nothing will ever fill your place

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7 thoughts on “Gone Too Soon”

        1. Thank you. I believe that he is was sent to help me treasure the small moments I have with my other children. He was truly a blessing in my life and his loss has brought me closer to the Lord. Thank you for the support. Sending virtual hugs your way as well.

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