Finding Inspiration

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Good afternoon, all. I hope you are all healthy and safe. Today, I want to ask all of you for a bit of assistance. With all the chaos in the world, it is hard to feel inspired to get out of bed, much less find the strength to inspire others. 

Today, I am reaching out and asking you, my viewers to share your inspirational stories with me and the world. Let’s build up a positive atmosphere for the world to escape to. If only for a few minutes. 

Your stories don’t have to be poetic, just positive. Maybe you found a dollar on your walk to the grocery store, or perhaps the person across the street sang a song for the whole neighborhood to hear. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it lifts people up instead of bringing them down. 

Please leave your stories in the comments below and let’s bring this dark world a little bit of light.

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5 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration”

    1. To the contrary, this is a fabulous bit of sunshine. When dogs and cats can get along with all of their differences, that means there is hope for the world. Thank you so much for sharing and congratulations on the four additions to your home. I am sure they will bring many moments of inspiration and light into your home. Have a fantastic evening.

      1. Ha, I shall take your positive approach!!! Otherwise, I’d say, that he never leaves their mother alone but she just gives him one of those disdaining cat stares and struts on. Hopefully, she will teach the same to her little ones 😉

        1. That is kind of funny. I have two cats and three dogs. My cats are the boss though. The dogs used to bark at them, then the oldest cat swatted at the biggest dog, hitting him on the nose. Now the big dog has a slight scar on his nose and the dogs are afraid of the cats. It is funny to watch the 120-pound dog run from the 8-pound cat. 🙂

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