Good Morning and Happy Monday

Good morning and happy Monday to all. I hope you all have had a fabulous week. Mine has been very productive and full of inspiring voices and wonderful people. During this week I had the opportunity to write a poem with a very gifted soul from Nigeria. This young poet has a voice that is inspiring, uplifting, and speaks the words our world needs to hear.

It has been an honor for me to work with Samuel Junior Irusota on this duet. This experience has shown me how two worlds, when combined can create beautiful poetry. I hope that the combination of our two voices will work to show the world how beautiful life can be when differences are overcome, cultures are combined, and all that matters is love and unity.

Here is the piece Samuel and I wrote together. I hope you all enjoy.

Two Voices in Uniting Two Worlds

By Samuel Junior Irusota and Mary Jaimes-Serrano

The world brought

us together

in a time fraught 

with fear


And closer 

we became

and sweet friendship 

we shared


Your youth encapsulates 

a beginning 

that our world needs 

to hear


Your beauty radiates

like the sun

a world 

without fear


Your words signal

a strength

society desperately needs

to know


Your words are

like an advise

a child needs

to grow


Your knowledge empowers

the words

of voices too 

long silenced


And Poetry brought

us together

in a time fraught

with violence

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8 thoughts on “Good Morning and Happy Monday”

  1. Samuel Junior Irusota

    Wow , this is beautifully written. It was a pleasure writing this poem with you. Thanks a lot .

      1. What stood out for me was the simplicity in this work.

        Every two souls that have had to travel together, from being strangers to friends, can fit into this poem.

        Thanks to the authors. Keep writing!

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