Bring the Voices

Photo by Davon Michel from Pexels

First, I would like to start by apologizing for not posting yesterday. I did not feel well and spent the day resting and drinking tea. I am feeling much better today and hope you enjoy today’s poetry. Have a marvelous Friday and may your weekend be filled with inspiration and light.


Bring the Voices

Freedom is metaphoric, meant only to appease,

To offer comfort, peace of mind, to please.


When those freedoms become elusive, hidden, and vague,

Those in power label the fighters as a plague.


They have sown the seeds, and clamor when the anger starts to grow,

In their glasshouses, they are hiding, the first stone awaiting to throw.


They ignite the discontent, and watch the fire burn,

The cry for true freedom is taking its turn.


Will the mighty be tumbled, will the humble take their seat?

Will the masses excel, or lay trampled at their feet?


The voices have risen, in violence and spoken word,

It is time for the humble, to rise up and be heard.

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