Forgive My Absence (Update)

Good afternoon. I wanted to post something and let all of you know what is going on.

I have been on bedrest since Thursday due to pancreatitis. I am currently on a clear liquid diet and sleeping a lot.

My family is taking care of me and I am hoping to be back soon. I am sorry for my prolonged absence and hope to be able to get all of these words out of my head soon.

While personal pain is good for poetry, this pain is beyond my writing abilities. I hope you are all well and staying safe.

17 thoughts on “Forgive My Absence (Update)”

    1. Mary! I hope you recover soon. It’s beautiful that you are surrounded by loved ones during a time like this. Happy resting. We love you, fellow writer.

        1. Thank you so much. I am doing much better and you are right, my family has been just the medicine I needed. I have always said my children were the best part of me, and they have shown me yet again, what it means to be a mother. Have an inspiring day and a marvelous rest of your week and beyond.

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