A Change of View

Photo by Annette Dawm from Pexels

Life changes when

reflected upon

with love.


Songs are sweeter

when hearts are

singing in tune.


Days seem brighter

when the mind

has companionship to think.


Colors are more vibrant

when the heart

Beats for something new.


Life changes when

the viewer

reflects on it with love.

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7 thoughts on “A Change of View”

    1. Thank you, as always. I thought something uplifting was in order for the middle of the week. How is your inspiration coming? Is your muse being nice or do we need to send reinforcements? Sending inspirational vibes and much love your way, to be on the safe side. 🙂

      1. You are, as ever, most welcome! Been a busy week so far but yesterday I finally struck an idea and I think it’s do-able. So, I am taking that as a positive hehe and thank you for asking!!!

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