Overcoming Requires Pause

All the signs were flashing,

The warning bells rang clear.


The voices were hushed, quieted,

Whispers of a pandemic, no one wanted to hear.


The voices of reason,

Were muted for political gain.


The masses clamored for freedom,

Giving no thought to the prolonged pain.


So many are suffering,

In this unprecedented fight.


So many separations,

Though all are suffering the same plight.


Again voices are hushed,

With excuses meant to blind, confuse, and cajole.


But the voices are needed,

To overcome, contain, and control.


The fight will continue,

Until a consensus is made.


We either fight this together,

Or accept the price that is to be paid.


This isn’t about color, age,

Religion, sexuality, wealth, or pride.


This evil does not discriminate,

Affecting all equally in one stride.


The one thing that’s working,

Is a united understanding of what to do.


Not being divided,

Only looking out for you.


It is time to come together,

One people with one cause.


To save our possibility for tomorrow,

We must let the division take a pause.

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