Your Absence Haunts Me

Good morning, all. Today is my little man’s birthday. Normally a joyous occasion, this celebration tears my heart apart every year. The reason for this sadness is that my little Israel has spent the last 12 years in heaven. While I celebrate his birthday every year, he hasn’t been physically present at his parties since he was two. You might be asking why I still celebrate his birthday if he is no longer here. The truth is, because for me he will always be here. I believe the best way to honor my child’s memory is by keeping it alive in the hearts of those who loved him so dearly. So, I will continue to celebrate his birthday, though some years it haunts me. 

As always, inspire to be inspired, and never stop looking for the best in the world around you.

Your Absence Haunts Me

Written for my little peanut, Israel. Mama loves you always and forever.


Your smile haunts me.

Once a gift

now a curse.


Your voice inspires me.

Sweet memories of

childhood bliss.


Your face awakens me

from dreams of 

days never lived.


Your name comforts me

on days spent

missing you.

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8 thoughts on “Your Absence Haunts Me”

    1. I think it’s lovely that you continue to celebrate your son’s birthday. He mattered so very much and is irreplaceable. It’s a beautiful way to honour his life. How tragic that he was taken from you at such a young age. I don’t know how you ever really come to terms with a loss like that ❤️

      1. Thank you for your kind words and support. I don’t think I will ever come to terms with the fact that he is not here. It is a comfort though, to know that the two years he was here were nothing but joy that will carry my other children and myself through a lifetime. Have a fabulous weekend.

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