Did You?

I woke up today,

feeling okay.

Then you spoke,

I love you…


Did you love me

when you caressed her…

tight skin?

Mine used to be

like that. Before I 

gave you children.


Did you love me

when she touched you…


That used to be mine…

before you… 

gave it away.


Did you love me

when you pushed deep…

inside her?

You only push me



No! You lusted

for a face without

wrinkles. The ones

that you caused. 


No! You desired


While I lay hurting

from the surgery,

you barely saw

me through.


No! You wanted 

quick ejaculation

without the confines of 

romance as a prelude.


You ask for forgiveness

as if it was mine to give.


You ask for understanding

that you never gave me.


You ask for together,

when all I want

is to be free.

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3 thoughts on “Did You?”

      1. You are, as ever, most welcome! And thank you, we had a little rain here today and that’s broken the humidity nicely! Stay well and hope your recovery is progressing nicely!

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