Natural Disaster

Good morning, all. I want to say thank you to every one of you for your patience with me the last few weeks. Anyone who has followed my blog from the beginning knows how hard this time of year is for me. Those of you who don’t know, my son’s birthday was on the 7th of August. He would have been 14. The anniversary of his death was on Monday. So, this week of August always hits me hard. I am hoping that the time has past and that my meltdown is over for the year. 

Now, back to what you came here for. Here is today’s poetry selection. Have a fabulous day and don’t forget to inspire to be inspired in everything you do.

Natural Disaster

The tears form

     Floods threatening to fall

You don’t see

     from shutter covered eyes


The hurt builds

     Volcanic emotions take hold

You don’t care

     protected by your armor


The anger ignites

     Venom laced poison spills

You don’t hear

     from ears calloused closed


The dream fades

     Rainbows withered by heat

You don’t know

     life simply passes by


The spirit dies

     Decaying petals blown astray

You finally see

     through tear stained eyes

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